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88% of GenZ agrees that one of radio’s primary advantages is its local feel.
Radio Personalities are important connections. They earn trust of their audience.
55% say radio informs them of products and services.

Why Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising provides several benefits to brand with the ability to target your audience. Radio offers the opportunity to find your perfect audience and target your sales approach solely to them. For Instance, you can choose a station that caters to a certain age group, giving your marketing dollars real power.

Radio ads is Cost-efficient, targeted, easy to track and extremely effective if done properly. Usually right segments of radio is Automobile, Education, Home Appliances, Garment, FMCG, Food and Health.

Types of radio Advertising

Live Read

Radio Show is a good example of a format where you can hear commercials read in real time online by radio announcer.


Certain types of radio sponsorships such as traffic, weather or sports scored during halftime of the big game.


A produced spot can either be a straight read of your advertising message or a read that incorporates multiple voices, sound effects or a jingle. A jingle is a catchy song about your company.